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Monica Vierling Hall

Author of


A true story about love,

life, and Alzheimer's

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Monica is featured as a Care Partner on a NeuroCareLive webinar, together with two neurologists from Boston and the Sr. VP of Strategic Planning for Bright Focus Foundation from Santa Monica. It includes the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease, Early Signs and Symptoms, and answers many of your other questions.


Click the button below for the program.  You will be asked to set up an account—which simply needs your email and a password. Take a listen!

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Praise for POUF

I just finished reading your book.  I can’t stop crying.You have to get this published.  Your book will help so many people. God bless.

 ~ Thomas “Lefty” McIntyre

"Monica Vierling Hall’s book “Pouf” is a refreshing read as people can feel her authentic soul come through.  You will laugh and cry with her on her journey of growth, walking along-side her father with dementia.  Through storytelling and precious quotes from her father, readers get a peek into confusing and sometimes humorous comments that flow from him as his words don’t match our reality.  I know you will appreciate this book for what it is – An honest and loving look at dementia; with all its twists and turns.  Monica leads by example stepping into the world of dementia creating joyful moments and hope for those caring and serving those with dementia."         

 ~ Lori La Bey, CEO Alzheimer’s Speaks

A heartwarming and heart-wrenching account of a loving daughter and the arduous journey endured watching her father go through the cruel and invasive progression of the mind degenerative and plundering disease of Alzheimer’s.


Her steadfast love, devotion and caring through this journey, together with her husband’s unwavering support,  show not only the depth of her love but additionally, how the person affected by Alzheimer’s benefitted from that affection, bringing her father many moments of lucidity and happiness in his last years.  You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing as the author shares her experiences with her father and his colleagues. But, be ready to cry at the last chapter as the reality of “Pouf” shows its face.


Great reading for persons going through the same path!


 ~Gracie Rayburn

Scottsdale, Arizona

An honest and tender memoir of what life is truly like for family members of Alzheimer patients. You can feel the emotion, pain, and sadness echo off every page. A worthwhile read for anyone in the care process, and for those trying to understand.

I must say that was a brilliant ending chapter . . . 


 ~ Erin Marie Bernardo

Author of “Scent of the Past”

I especially appreciated your “love is” descriptions.

~ Connie McIntyre

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Monica Vierling Hall was born in Shakopee, Minnesota, where she still lives. She has raised two faith-filled and well-accomplished sons. They have passed their faith on to their own families.


Monica wrote Pouf as part of her commitment to helping others maintain and enjoy their relationships with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. She hopes families can see that these loved ones are just on a different walk in their lives and that there is incomparable beauty, joy, and laughter found while sharing this walk with them.


This is her first book.

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Pouf  By Monica Vierling Hall
Silver medal winner of the 31st Annual Midwest Book Awards!

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